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Aluminium Alloy Heat Treatment

Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment Technology

Aluminum retains the superior properties of being light weight, highly workable, highly corrosion resistant, and is highly heat and electrical conductivity. Running aluminum alloy through a heat treatment can enhance these properties still further.
The following presents some of the more widely used treatments for aluminum.

1.Solution Heat Treatment / Natural Aging Treatment (T-4)

This is a form of heat treatment that uses water to rapidly cool magnesium, copper and silicon found in aluminum alloy while maintaining the form that had been melted into an aluminum basis material (super saturated solid solution).
This requires facilities able to precisely control temperature since the treatment is performed immediately under the temperature when aluminum begins to melt.

2.Solution Heat Treatment / Artificial Aging Treatment (T-6)

This is a heat treatment method that enhances the hardness and mechanical strength of a part by segregating compounds of magnesium, copper and silicon melted during the solution heat treatment, which is promoted by increasing the temperature to a certain predetermined setting.

3.Stabilizing Treatment (T-5)

This treatment is used to stabilize the nature of an aluminum part at a slightly higher temperature than the actual temperature the part will be used at in order to prevent changes in the part's properties when it is heated during use.
At the same time, this treatment is also used to eliminate or reduce stress during casting.

4.Annealing Treatment (O Treatment)

Annealing is sometimes performed at 350 degrees Celsius to improve workability, and to reduce potential shape changes when reheating a part that has already undergone T-6 treatment.
For full annealing, a part should be cooled from 450 degrees Celsius.

The ONEX Advantage

Our heat treatment facilities feature multiple large pit-type electric furnaces so that we can accommodate a wide range of parts, from oversized parts to compact components.
In addition, we employ specialized treatment furnaces for solution heat treatments and aging treatments, since the temperature used in both vastly differs. This enables us to reach the optimal temperature distribution performance and streamline work processes.
We also have two types of water cooling tanks that can accommodate elongated parts or large batches of components.
We have amassed a solid track record of expertise over the years in properly addressing warping that occurs after quenching. We are also able to provide aluminum shot blasting, illustrating we have the integrated technologies to meet the needs of any job.

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