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Heat Treatments for Oversized Parts

Heat Treatments for Oversized Parts

Compared to compact components, oversized parts are designed to withstand huge amounts of force.
As such, heat treatments for these parts require a deeper carburizing depth.
In addition, since the part itself grows larger, additional time outside of treatment time will be required for raising or lowering the temperature and tempering.
ONEX has made it possible to reduce carburizing time by engaging in high concentration carburizing at high temperatures.

The ONEX Advantage

ONEX has amassed a solid track record in the carburizing treatment of oversized parts as well as retains a level of technical expertise others do not.
In addition, we possess multiple facilities capable of treating oversized parts, which form one of Japan's foremost equipment and facilities structures.
We have the capacity to treat parts with outside diameters of up to 2200ø and lengths of 6000H.
We receive large numbers of orders from our home market of Japan as well as abroad, as our advanced proprietary heat treatment technologies have earned a high level of recognition around the world.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are having difficulties undertaking or sourcing heat treatments for oversized components.

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