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Carbonitriding Heat Treatment

Carbonitriding Heat Treatment Technology

Carbonitriding refers to a form of heat treatment where carburizing and nitriding is undertaken simultaneously or in sequence. Generally, carburizing and nitriding is performed with ammonia gas added during the carburizing process for materials with poor quenching qualities, such as low-carbon, low-alloy steel, with the aim to enhance the quenching quality of materials in low temperature transformation points. Nitriding effectively hardens materials that do not normally harden through carburizing alone.
Carbonitriding, much like carburizing, significantly improves the abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, as well as softness resistance.
Recently, carbonitriding is used on alloy case hardened steel or bearing steel to improve its mechanical properties.

The ONEX Advantage

Essentially, our carburizing furnaces (batch-type and pit-type) form part of a group of facilities that make carbonitriding treatment processes possible.
Having accumulated more than half a century of expertise, ONEX truly excels in the field through providing treatment technologies that lower the cost of materials.
Our atmosphere control using oxygen and hydrogen sensors, as well as mass flow controllers, enables us to deliver even higher precision heat treatments.

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