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Gas Nitrocarburizing Treatment

Gas Nitrocarburizing Treatment Technology

Gas nitrocarburizing is one type of nitrocarburizing method developed to achieve at least the same quality and properties as conventional salt bath nitrocarburizing but without the problems of quality and environmental burden.
Generally, temperature is set around 570 degrees Celsius for gas nitrocarburizing. During the process, mixed gas with the main ingredient of ammonia gas is added which causes carbides and nitrides to form a compound layer on the surface of the fabricating material, resulting in a diffusion layer underneath. This formative nitride layer markedly improves mechanical properties, including abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue endurance, of the steel part.
Gas carburizing is considered an eco-friendly treatment method as it is non-polluting and achieves effective quality properties in a short time. The applications for this surface hardening method will likely continue to increase going forward because it can accommodate the trend toward lighter more compact parts from the popularization of electric vehicles and it is considered a more eco-friendly treatment method.

The ONEX Advantage

Our gas nitrocarburizing treatments are performed in a clean environment using modern facilities with the latest in monitoring technologies including hydrogen sensors.
We possess proprietary processes that enable us to set optimal treatment conditions based on our digitized data and many years of accumulated technologies to meet various customer demands for quality and materials. We are fully capable of creating parts with a high quality formative nitride layer with less strain thanks to our precision controls, including temperature, time and gas cooling methods.
Our broad mix of small and large facilities operating continuously 24 hours a day ensure that we can deliver competitively priced parts in a short turnaround time.

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