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Vacuum Heat Treatment

Vacuum Heat Treatment Technology

The vacuum heat treatment technology has developed together with the evolution of manufacturing equipment and facilities.
When air quenching (heating or cooling) metal materials such as molds and automotive components, oxygen in the air and iron from these metal materials chemically react to oxidize the surface resulting in oxidized iron.
Vacuum heat treatment, however, uses a variety of air displacement pumps within the machine to produce a high-vacuum environment. This lowers the partial pressure of oxygen and creates a protective atmosphere that does not cause oxidation, reduction, nitriding or carburizing, resulting in a glossy finish even when quenching the metal material (heating or cooling). This represents the biggest advantage of vacuum heat treatment.

The ONEX Advantage

ONEX retains vacuum heat treatment furnaces at its Atsugi Plant and Yamaguchi Plant.

  • The Atsugi Plant primarily provides vacuum quenching and tempering for tool steel and offers a selection of cooling methods, including gas cooling, high pressure gas cooling and oil cooling.
  • The Yamaguchi Plant excels at vacuum gas quenching of elongated components.

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