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Our Manufacturing Plants

Nagano Plant

Serving the entire Nagano Prefecture area and parts of the Gunma and Saitama prefectural areas and Tohoku region, the Nagano Plant provides a wide range of heat treatment and processing, from mass-produced goods to high-mix, low-volume-produced goods and single products.Although the smallest plant in the ONEX family, the Nagano plant leverages its size to maximize workflow efficiencies. The plant also maintains the largest number of gas nitrocarburizing furnaces within the Group.

Available Services

  • Metal heat treatment and processing
  • Gas carbonitriding quenching and tempering processing
  • Gas nitrocarburizing treatment
  • Oxynitriding treatment
Heating Facilities
Equipment No. Standard deposition substance Manufacturer Manufacturer Maximum Part Weight for Treatment Maximum Operating Temperature
B-1 Allcase gas carburizing quenching furnace Chugai Ro W L H
750Kg 950℃
B-2 ditto Chugai Ro ditto ditto ditto
B-3 Same as Above Nippon Heating Same as Above Same as Above Same as Above
B-4 Same as Above Chugai Ro Same as Above Same as Above Same as Above
P-1 Pit-type heating furnace Mochizuki Nekki Kogyo Φ850×1500H 1500Kg 950℃
Tempering Facilities
BT-1 Batch-type hot air tempering furnace Chugai Ro 760×1220×610 750Kg 700℃
BT-2 Same as Above Oriental Engineering Same as Above Same as Above Same as Above
BT-3 Same as Above Koyo Thermo Systems
400Kg Same as Above
BT-4 Same as Above Chugai Ro
750Kg Same as Above
Nitriding Facilities
BN-1 Allcase gas nitrocarburizing furnace Oriental Engineering 760×1220×800 1000Kg 700℃
BN-2 Same as Above Chugai Ro
900Kg Same as Above
BN-3 Same as Above Oriental Engineering
1000Kg Same as Above
PN-1 Pit-type gas nitrocarburizing furnace Mochizuki Nekki Kogyo Φ700×1000H 850Kg 750℃
PN-2 Same as Above Kanto Yakin Kogyo Φ850×2000H 1500Kg Same as Above

Carburized, quenching and tempered part

Nitrided part and vacuum quenched part

Allcase gas carburizing furnace

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